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EoTN dungeon #03 Cathedral of Flames (CoF) Empty EoTN dungeon #03 Cathedral of Flames (CoF)

on Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:22 pm
EoTN dungeon #03 Cathedral of Flames (CoF)

This 3-level dungeon is accessible through Gron Fierceclaw in Doomlore Shrine. Accepting the Temple of the Damned quest will take party to CoF.

More complete walkthrough on GW wiki:

  • Ebon Vanguard reputation points
  • Unique items from Murakai's Chest
    • Murakai's Reaver (nice skin), Maul, Blade
    • Polymock pieces
    • Notched Blade

  • Golden Rin Relic drops - get your Dread Mask (I want one!)
  • Diessa Chalice drops - get your Blindfold

  • lots of Charr, Undead and Enchanted so holy damage is good
  • MM is not recommended
  • bring Light of Deldrimor and Ebon Battle Standard of Courage
  • bring interrupts for boss

  • In general pull managable group, watch for popups.
  • Level 1 - kill Faze Magekiller for door key; kill the Keeper to open level 2
  • Level 2 - kill Tyndir Flamecaller; kill Vraxx the Condemned; kill the Master to open level 3
  • Level 3 - kill Keymaster of Murakai for door key; kill Murakai's Steward for boss key; interupt and kill Murakai
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