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Oolas Lab and Elusive Golemancer Empty Oolas Lab and Elusive Golemancer

on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:27 pm
Oolas lab and Elusive Golemancer are both quite easy, both in NM and HM.

Oolas Lab, is a dungeon, just run in from mangus stones.*Not making guides for dungeons yet:(*

Elusive Golemancer is the Hero Handbook entry and is quite easy and straightforward, lvl 1 you just activate a worker golem to pull a level and open a door. Then you go and pull a second lever in the next room to make all the golems hostile. Just kill them all till you work your way to the door. lvl 2 you just get the 2 worker golems to follow you to the big door and when they both sit on the platforms the door opens and you face an indestructible golem, which you pick up the Flux Matrix and blast him 3 times after you charge the device. <-- Must charge all 3 times. lvl 3 is using the keystone, Picking it up makes the golems hostile, and dropping it makes them friendly. So, if your team(especially in HM) is getting hammered, just drop the stone and heal up, flag them off and run again. Putting the keystone in the slot by the door opens it and you activate the worker golem and activate its protection mode, which protects your party for getting put on fire from the traps. make it to the other side and fight your way to Oola.
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