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Fractals of the Mists - simplified guide Empty Fractals of the Mists - simplified guide

on Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:40 pm
For a detailed guide, please see wiki's Fractals of the Mists page. This guide is meant to simplify understanding of certain aspects of Fractals that can be confusing or unapparent.

1. AGONY RESISTANCE (wiki page link)
You need agony resistance for each tier of Fractals in order to nullify the effects of the Agony condition. Note that if you have slightly less than the ideal amount you may still be able to survive the effects of Agony, but will take some damage from it.
Fractal LevelIdeal Agony Resistance

2. AGONY INFUSIONS (wiki page link)
There are two types of infusion slot on high level (usually ascended) gear. I like to refer to these as the blue and green slots, in reference to what the slot looks like on the item's stats panel after applying the most typical agony infusions to it.
(A) Offensive/Defensive/Utility slot - These most commonly take a versatile simple infusion, which can be bought from the main entrance area in Fractals for 75 Fractal Relics. This can then be upgraded to a higher version as well.  All equipment with agony resistance slots have at least one slot of this type. Note that one particularly easy way to get an agony slot of this type is by creating an exotic level crafter's backpack.
(B) Agony Infusion slot - These take the agony infusions you will commonly get as drops in Fractals. Note that the agony infusions can be combined using Artificing (crafting level 100 required) to create higher levels of agony resistance. Only infused ascended rings and backpieces have this slot, as their second infusion slot. Rings can be further attuned to hold an additional slot of this type.

3. REWARD LEVELS (specific reward chance research)
The rewards you get are based on either the selected Fractal Difficulty Scale, or your Personal Reward Level, whichever is lower. The level of your personal reward will increase by 1 each time a fractal difficulty scale is completed at or above your current reward level. You can see your personal reward level upon entering the Fractals portal in Lion's Arch, and your reward level will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen while within any Fractal instances. You can collect rewards separately for each reward tier once a day, provided you have the required personal reward level for each tier.
You will always be rewarded with Fractal Relics and a Pristine Fractal Relic for completing any level of Fractals, as well as varying amounts of Karma. The chart below lists the additional rewards possible from doing the different daily fractals within each different reward tier.  
Fractal LevelDaily Reward
1-25Fractal Initiate's Chest
26-50Fractal Adept's Chest
51-75Fractal Expert's Chest
76-100Fractal Master's Chest

4. FRACTAL INSTANCES (wiki page link)
Below is a list of which individual fractals you can get for each instance, and what sorts of gameplay elements are involved in them.
Fractal InstanceImportant Build Elements
Aquatic RuinsDamage Defense Support Control Stability
SwamplandDamage Defense Support Control Stability
UncategorizedDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Urban BattlegroundsDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Molten FurnaceDamage Defense Support Control Stability
SnowblindDamage Defense Support Control Stability
CliffsideDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Underground FacilityDamage Defense Support Control Stability
AetherbladeDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Thaumanova ReactorDamage Defense Support Control Stability
VolcanicDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Captain Mai TrinDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Molten BrothersDamage Defense Support Control Stability
Solid OceanDamage Defense Support Control Stability

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