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Role Playing Should Be Written Like a Script Empty Role Playing Should Be Written Like a Script

on Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:57 pm
(For the /s , /p , and /d role-playing)
Hey everybody! I just wanted to write about something that has come to my attention lately. I have noticed some people using a "novel style" when they role-play with the Guild. What this means is they write out their emotes and dialogue as if it were prose in a book. However, I find that it is better to use a script style when role-playing in an MMO. I don't necessarily mind the use of quotation marks for dialogue as long as there are asterisks or some other notation present for the emotes. Also, if you are role-playing on more than one character where one of the avatars is not present, like a script you will need to please put their name first. For example: Valynn: *drew her sword and was ready for battle* . And when you are the GM for a role-playing event please preface the GM by typing GM. This script style of role-playing is more recognized in MMO RP, and is easier to understand on-the-fly, in the real-time that role-playing takes place.

The novel style may be okay for forum RP. But in general role-playing is more like a form of acting than writing a book, where you are a puppet master controlling your character's actions in that moment. When we are in an event nobody should have to try to figure out who is talking by reading through the sentence. The name just needs to be right there so it can be quickly read for avatars who are not present. A book is written by one person at the author's leisure. Role-playing is done by multiple players in real time, so the script form is a better way.

The image below is an example of a script. In the script you will notice a clear indication of who is acting and speaking, as well as notation differentiating actions from dialogue. However, in this non-game script, they use parenthesis to denote the action, whereas in the game, parenthesis denote out of character (OOC). So for the game, you will want to denote your actions using some other notation, such as *asterisks* or -hyphens-. The description at the top of the script in the image represents what a GM might say to describe a situation or environment to the players. Thank you everyone for your understanding.

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