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Finding the Bloodstone Empty Finding the Bloodstone

on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:38 pm
You start out a Gadd's Encampment, Go east to the bloodstone caves. Talk to the inscription stone to gain entry to this mission. Its a 3 lvl dungeon mission, and pretty straightforward. First lvl you go down, fighting lots of skelks and incubus' <--they can be some serious ele's hanging about. Kill the first ettin, and wait for the mission to update before moving on. Don't run off before Livia is finished or you have to go back to let her update the mission. Move on to the second lvl, fighting more skelks and incubus' the second ettin, try to spike kill, and all the skeleton warriors he summons will go back to being friendly. Let Livia extract the inscription and the mission will update. lvl 3 is pretty short, just run down the baddie ettin and spike kill him despite all the enemies that pop up, once he's dead, the mission ends and ur moving on.
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