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on Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:50 pm
Since I broke my leg and am now sitting out, I started thinking about all of the fun I had my first year of football, so I thought I would share of few of the funnier ones. I was in a youth league, so it had weight classes and skill levels. I was at the lowest weight class I could possibly be for my age. Because of that, I had to weigh less than everyone else. I weighed in at about 85 pounds, which was the max I could weigh. For some reason they let kids younger than me weigh up to 110 pounds, BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER! My number was 37 (that’s important in one of the stories). Just thought I’d give some backgrounds before I got into the stories.

I was playing defensive line and I was really punching through the line to disrupt the play (I wasn’t very good at tackling, but the fast that I was back there kind of screwed them up). It was in the 4th quarter and we were up so they really needed to score. Their coach was getting really frustrated watching his plays turn into mad scrambles to get a couple yards. Next thing I here is him yelling at them “37! 37! Everybody on number 37!” He was telling his whole team to block me! I just thought that was funny, especially since we can hear it on the tape. We won.

We weren’t doing that well on defense, and since I couldn’t tackle very well, they managed to avoid me if I came from the opposite side of the line, so my coach decided to do something about it. He let me line up wherever I wanted. When the offense lined up, I was allowed to just tell someone to move over. So one play I decided to line up on the center. The linemen locked their ankles (illegal by the way), so I wouldn’t be able to squeeze between them. On the snap of the ball I slammed into the center and the two guards went down with him since their ankles were locked. Triple sandwich! We ended up winning.

This story I remember the team I was playing because I dislike them (you’ll see why). We were playing McLean and it was a very close game (we had actually gotten a safety, so that was cool). I was being very disruptive, as usual. The other coach was very frustrated, as normal, but he expressed his anger wrong, the jerk! He was yelling at his linemen to try to hurt me, go for my legs and the like. On the snap, both of them launched themselves at me and tried to hurt my legs. They hit me too low though, and just ended up on my ankles. I stepped over them. All they managed was pulling down my socks. I made the tackle Very Happy. We lost that game, but beat them for the championship postseason. Another thing was that the McLean coach ended up being the coach of the All-Star team, so I didn’t even apply for it.
We were doing a drill during practice, one on one. We just launched out of our stance and tried to knock the other guy down, whichever way we could. As I watched, everybody turned to the easiest way to get them down, a moderation of the wrestling move called the head and arm (you grab the head and arm and throw, very creative). It wasn’t legal in a football game, but it was fine for aggressiveness. I got picked last, as I was the awesomest lineman ever. Winner went on and chose the next person. So when the poor soul had to pick me, I beat him, then proceeded to work through the rest of my team, twice! My coach just ended the drill after that, seeing where it was going. I had exhausted everyone else. My edge, I wrestle, so I actually know how to knock people down.

My coach liked to run the wedge. If you don’t know what that is, basically all the linemen push the center and the running back follows. One day during practice, the backfield was off doing other stuff, so it was just the linemen. We only had a few, and I was only defensive line, so it ended up me on defense against our whole offensive line. It was only for practice, so it didn’t matter. My coach just wanted them to run a wedge. On the snap of the ball they wedge up… and I start pushing them back. I was pushing back the full weight of our offensive line alone! After enough yelling by the coach, they managed to push me back.

I was well known as a walking juggernaut by my team, so when I was on defense, they got ready to get pushed back. One such time, I lined up in a gap between two linemen. On the snap of the ball, they close their eyes and brace for the impact… and I jump over them (over their arms really, since it was in the gap). After I make the tackle, my coach was wondering how I got through, and they start complaining about how I jumped over them! My coach told me not to do that again. If the other team saw it coming I could get hurt.

Just a quote from my coach about me: “The only player I ever had to tell to go 50% during practice.”

We ended the season with only that one loss to McLean, and we got revenge on them for the championship. We got a bunch of big trophies and a scrapbook. My mom made me a poster with really great pictures (one guy looks like he is crying when he sees me punching through the line. It was a very fun first experience of football for me. I hope you enjoyed these funny stories (funny at least to me). Thanks for reading.

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on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:06 pm
Haha dude, I can totally relate, except that I was center and we ran the wedge, a lot, because of my ability to push back the d line and make the holes. Once, our quarterback Jimmie Paige had thrown the ball and it got tipped. I burst through their whole d line and their middle linebacker to catch the tipped ball and go forty yards with it. I was maybe three yards short of the endzone so I was mad after the play. My friends were yelling like crazy and I was so pissed I started to go crazy. The next play I broke two of the d linemen down and practically clotheslined their linebacker so Jimmie could get the touchdown. It was our only win of the season, but it was homecoming so it made up for that fact lol
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