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on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:22 pm
each of us have a trick to take on the load time. it maybe art it maybe writing it maybe drinking your self to get ready to farm. this is a saloon so here is my 2 cents so called he he he. A short little trick into my self a grahpic sense per say

with a shout. the war between brothers started. the clash of metal on steel.
(rick) do u really think i willgo down like this my brother?
(joe) no. i would not expect anything from u but hatred.
{slashing toward each other}
(rick) with this spell u well fall. [ from the heavens i grow the light to shined upon the darkiness. ]
(joe) u really are stupid my brother. [ with this hand i shall strike u]
joe put his hand onto the ground and started to make straight line and a triangle.
(joe and rick) with this i shall win.
from under rick a single vined shot up grabbing him by the neck. and from joes side the ground started to sink.
(joe) now we shall c the true battle.
from joes back pocket he took out a blade.
(rick) so u are goign to strike me with that. not very interesting.
joe took the blade and made a small cut on this arm.
(rick) what are u doing?
(joe) as i said before now we shall fight.
the ground stopped moving. bleed started to drip from ricks neck. joe made a shape in the ground. lookking at his brother rick with the hatred of brothers burned. the ground around rick changed color. it was now dark brown. from behind rick a straight piece of mud shot out and shot through ricks chest. Rick spit out blood.
(rick) what is this?
another sign in the ground. this time two more mud lines shot out and grabbing rick this time aiming for his arms.
(joe) and now the final blow.[ with this hand u shall die.]

ya i know dark but this is what i write when i get drunk or bored by my huge load time this does not count as something i think about i just type for but and have took class to learn how to type this kind of word better.
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