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on Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:16 pm
if you go north through gunners and into bjora marches and unlock longeyes ledge, you do not have to leave from sifhalla to do this mission. backtrack through the marches, and yes you can do it without aggroing anything on your way - and activate the quest by standing on the bear spirit flame. You will aggro some of the vaetiirs looming around, In HM you have to be super careful not to get a ton of them, or you're done. get the bear sprit and head back. if someone in your party has brought ursan, just head south to the far southern barracade and work your way up. This mission is by far the easiest this way, but feel free to work your way past the charr and mandragors and frozen elementals to get to the bear shrine. Clear jora's homestead, and ur homefree
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