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Dhuum. ( Helpful tips) Empty Dhuum. ( Helpful tips)

on Sun May 30, 2010 1:59 am
Dhuum is the cruel and unjust god who used to rule the Underworld as the god of death; during his reign, resurrections and the existence of the undead were not tolerated. He was eventually overthrown by Grenth, who took the position as the new god of death; however, Grenth did not have the power to slay Dhuum, so he imprisoned the latter within the Hall of Judgment behind enchanted doors and layers of divine magic. Though asleep, Dhuum's dark power increases every time a creature in the Underworld dies, strengthening him so he may eventually free himself.

Skills: Judgement Of Dhuum- Spell. For 4 seconds, Dhuum deals 75 damage each second to foes in spirit range.

Reaping of Dhuum- Scythe Attack. Dhuum deals 200 damage to a new target with each strike. Dhuum only strikes a foe once in this way and will stop this attack after the fourth strike or when no eligible targets are within the area of his last strike. Dhuum is untargetable during this attack.

Summon Champion- Spell. Summon a Champion of Dhuum. (Believe it is a level 24 Warrior)

Summon Minions- Spell. Summon Minions of Dhuum. ( level 20-24 minions about 5-7 HM- around 10)

Touch of Dhuum- Skill. Steal 100 Health from target touched foe. That foe receives 15% Death Penalty. If Touch of Dhuum steals health from a foe with 60% Death Penalty, that foe dies.

Weight of Dhuum- Scythe Attack. For 5 seconds, target foe moves and attacks 90% slower, has tripled casting times, benefits 75% less from healing, and has -10 Health degeneration

Notes and Info: Dhuum has approximately 61,500 health.
Dhuum's skills cannot be disabled.
Dhuum is immune to all conditions.
Hexes last half the duration on Dhuum.
Dhuum can't be knocked down unless the duration of the knockdown is enhanced.
Despite his appearance, Dhuum is not undead.
Dhuum must be defeated to complete the Underworld and spawn an Underworld Chest.
Dhuum's scythe and a miniature version of Dhuum are available to players as rare drops from the Underworld Chest.
If he defeats a party, he performs the male Dervish dance.

What is needed!: Wintersday candy canes,and Almost Every Sweet that helps!

Items that may help: Max Armor, Max Weapon, Vampiric if you can bare it with out it affecting you to much, Armor of Salvation.

What is needed for Dhuum!: 2 Hundred Blades warriors
2 Monks one running Healers Boon the other with Unyeilding Aura
1 Paragon running Defensive Anthem and defensive Shouts
2 Spriit Rits, one offensive with Signet of Spirit, the other Defensive (not sure on elite
1 Hybrid necro with Blood rititual, Minions (not sure what else use your best Judgment

This may help Us Prepare better for the next Dhuum attacking! Very Happy
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Dhuum. ( Helpful tips) Empty Re: Dhuum. ( Helpful tips)

on Sun May 30, 2010 2:47 am
Dhuum shouldn't be the problem, we have plenty of shut down for him, it's finihsing the UW quests and reaching Dhuum that is the problem.
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Dhuum. ( Helpful tips) Empty Re: Dhuum. ( Helpful tips)

on Sun May 30, 2010 11:42 am
Yeah, namely those pesky wastes. Razz

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Dhuum. ( Helpful tips) Empty Re: Dhuum. ( Helpful tips)

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