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A Gate to Far Empty A Gate to Far

on Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:01 pm
A Gate to far is the second of 3 in your hero handbook, and one of the more annoying place to go H/H. I have always tried to go with another person, and the Elite hero Discordway is pretty much the way to go here. if you have spirit spammers, they are good ANYwhere. The key to this mission is to destroy the asuran undergate, which is guarded by destroyers. Watch out in the start, the whisps have Vow of Silence and in HM they can be rough if you're unprepared. The only thing you should look out for in this dungeon, is the destroyer tremors, they are fire/earth elementalists, which can wipe your party with the sinews(warriors) and the hordes(rangers). Just try not to aggro the drakes, in HM they have silver armor, and that can hurt. overall, if you're careful, and not to hasty, this EoTN mission is a cinch:)
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