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Runing up my heroes

on Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:49 pm
A group of you guys shamed me into looking into runing up my heores since you preferred taking Cynn Razz

kidding aside, I tend to stick whatever runes fall into my lap on my heroes (same with weapons), and maybe it's time I be little more careful about my hero builds.

Should I equip all my heroes the way I would a human player or should I use a different strategy (I don;t have the funds for superior vigor on my characters, so heroes aren't getting any either Smile )

So far only my necros got some love, with Olias getting Bloodstained insignia and Major Death Rune + Major Vigor, and Livia getting Major Curses and both getting vitaes.

I tend to swap heroes just for the fun of it, and probably don't want to buff them all up on all 7 of my characters, I just don;t have the funds. I generally don;t use ranger or assassin heroes. I use my necroes, Gwen, Monks and Eles most.

Any suggestions on which ones to give some love first (i.e. benefit from runes most) and what runes/insignias to use? I'm particularly clueless on my Monk heroes. (I use Tahlkora for healing, Ogden for Prot or Balanced, and Dunk for smiting or for the heck of it)

Re: Runing up my heroes

on Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:56 pm
Hehe Cynn did fine!

If it's HM (and it should be) and Discordway (and it probably should be) then I'd go with Survivor insignias on front, Bloodstained on the head of anyone casting a minion spell, minor Death magic on helm, minor Soul on the chest and minor Curses if they're using those spells, best Vigor you can afford and vitaes to finish off missing runes. has a lot of build info depending on what you feel you wanna run. As for weapons, 40/40 Restoration for the healer types and 40/40 Daath for the minion master.

Hope that helps,

Re: Runing up my heroes

on Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:18 pm
Discord is not the only effective way to vanquish but from my experiance there are a few fundamentals that should be followed.

1 No less then 500 hit points if your stats can take it 550 or even 600
2 Energy get back over total energy figure that some groups will not go down as fast as you want the ability to keep going has pulled me though more then one vanquish and Domain of Anguish trip.
3 No more then one +3 rune per character and if your build dose not significanly adversly preform go with no more then a +2 or even +1
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Re: Runing up my heroes

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