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Game style and Philosophy

on Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:01 pm
I have an entire build library, most of which i constructed myself. I
know build mechanics, and I know what works in certain situations. If
we are doing something and i see something that would work better, I
generally ask if they can sub certain skills. example - Spotless
soul/mind are far superior to remove hex and dismiss condition,
especially in HM. I have always favored prot over heal, and if
healing, spike healing over team healing. I have always been a finesse
gamer. Finesse over power, style over functionality, and it works for
me, since i build myself around that philosophy. It hiders me, since most gamers think the only way to win is to be stronger than your opponent, which is why when I team with ppl, I like to make a balance between finesse and power. When i take Hench, I focus on 3 AoE and a protter. I do not take trip discordway either. I balance my heroes to be finesse over power. I run 2 healers that discord, and a defensive Rt that stabalizes the entire team. As a necro, I can spam enemy parties one-by-one. I SS 1, spam Parasitic bond to all enemies having a contant +100 heal, weaken all enemies, and rip monks. I have become a master of rits, Dervs, and necros being my specialty. Everyone gives advice based on their style, and game experiences. Some ppl like to be fast, I like a little flair. I meet many cookie cutters, but i like to be stylish.

Re: Game style and Philosophy

on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:17 am
My play style makes some people freak out.

Let me start by saying that in any MMORPG, I always only play ONE character. In this case, my necro. All other slots are used as mules, they are all lvl 3. Some people... let me correct that : most people don't understand that. At all. But that's the way I play.

The other thing I usually do when I play any game, MMO or not, is that I want everything accessible in the game. Quite hard to do in a MMO. But going in my HoM will give you a pretty good idea what I mean.

Lastly, I don't farm. Never did, never will. I always found that farming was the easy way out to make money. I don't blame others for doing it though. But I don't want to project the image of a farmer to others. (For those who want to argue that I'm currently farming Grawl Necklaces, well you go in there and farm a single stack for fun... just one stack... tell me how fun it is, and then tell yourself I have to farm 59... and that I won't make a SINGLE gold out of it... I would be ready to debate that it's more "title grinding" than "farming".)

I also can play any type of necro, with any build, quite decently.

I believe those points would describe my play style pretty well.

Re: Game style and Philosophy

on Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:29 am
I do whatever if fun- I hated monking until I joined this guild and people needed help with monk on tombs and deep and now I love it, I love learning new things, love run on sentences, love humor all the time so never take me seriously because I rarely am and love to gently give people a hard time for fun, love making friends in the game- love helping Ami get titles with James, love elite armor but usually only get one set per toon,- so I am eclectic. I really like learning things and following instructions to learn an area. And I do like farming a bit, but cant do it for too long, and, sad to say as it upsets some, but I really enjoy PvX speed clears like FOW and UWSC- I never played my sin until I saw that and built him up specifically to do that along with it is cool James can do HB in FOWSC- nothing like a good manly spike team buld. But again, I still like random things with non PvX builds- just realize I pretty much like everything and just want to have fun and ensure others are having fun too especially Ami Smile Long enough sentence?
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Re: Game style and Philosophy

on Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:48 pm
My game play style is that I prefer to have fun and be effective. I am extremely open to learn new builds and mechanics of the game. I don't even pretend to be a know it all, and realize I could always learn more.

When making a team it isn't so much important to me that we meet a certain cookie cutter team build, but that we are all effectively built to meet the needs of the particular area we're in. I'm willing to use any build or class that is A) fun and B) effective. Beyond that I'm not much concerned.

Ritualist is my absolute favorite class. I am the best with Rit, but quite adequate on every class in the game. Monk and Ritualist are my main areas of expertise, but I understand the basic mechanics of the other classes and can give advice for them as well.

So in short, if it isn't fun, I don't like it. Razz


Re: Game style and Philosophy

on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:57 am
i prefer to give foes a slow death, while i'm certain of my victory. And when others arive, too bad for my toys, then they'll die instantly.
i also like to make others wrack themselves with VoR, empathy, backfire and WW, and then i just wait to see them drag themselves down.

Re: Game style and Philosophy

on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:58 pm
I mainly play warrior, because I like things simple. I get to absentmindedly button mash a lot of the times, and it can be effective, like Dragon Slash spam. A lot of the times I’ll be multi-tasking. It might have something to do with my ADHD, but I just find it easier that way. I don’t farm because I find it extremely boring. I spend money as I get it, so I’m never very wealthy, but I have a lot of stuff. I like it that way (I like my 46 minis Very Happy). I have to constantly be doing different things.
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Re: Game style and Philosophy

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