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Rules for Moon

on Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:14 am
Arrow Please refrain from any hostile, vulgar, or explicitly sexual Guild or Alliance Chat. If you are so inclined to discuss Religion or Politics, please do so amicably. If someone expresses being offended, please move that type of topic to PM's or team chat. Guild Chat needs to be inviting and enjoyable for everyone. A general rule of thumb is that if something couldn't be said in a movie without it being rated R or M, it's probably not acceptable to say in guild chat.

Arrow Contact one of the officers or the Guild Leader if you have a problem with another player in the Guild or Alliance. Please, try to provide the character names of those involved and screen shots if at all possible.

Arrow Please do not spam the guild/alliance chat in a disruptive manner. It's fine to ask for things, including money, items, or help in the game. But please refrain from constant spamming in an annoying way. Also, we love to help, but don't want to actually do everything for a player. Sometimes the best help comes from actually teaching you how to do something, rather than doing it for you. That being said, asking for company during missions/questing is always acceptable!

Arrow Please do not take advantage of guildies or allies during trades. It's fine to buy and sell items using guild chat, but be fair about prices, and please try to offer discounts when possible.

Arrow If you will be offline for more than 2 weeks, please let us know by leaving a new thread at this LINK. If we don't receive any notification, we will kick unexplained inactivity after 4 weeks of not logging in.

Our main goal is to have a nice guild full of loyal members that respect each other. It needs to be an environment of peace and relaxation and not stress and drama. Thank you everyone for your cooperation!

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Re: Rules for Moon

on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:50 am
These rules are to be "relaxed" as of 12/1/2010. Rules do nothing but run people off. We are here to play a game and make some friends, not be your parents! Have fun. All I ask is that everyone be friendly and kind. If someone is being an "ass", then contact me or another officer he/she will be dealt with accordingly. Thanks, Chris.

Re: Rules for Moon

on Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:14 pm
Okay, here's the dealio. Disregard Chris' Post. Look at Faith's post (V), RULE NUMBERS 1-4 are the MAIN focus. The only modification is that you contact me if you have any problems and I'm more than willing to help, as is others in the guild/alliance. Just don't spam and don't worry about the bit where we won't help all the time, because I won't stand for that attitude.
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Re: Rules for Moon

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