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House Tharnadai's Bastard Daughter Empty House Tharnadai's Bastard Daughter

on Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:45 am

Name: Thalassar Arnadai
Profession: Engineer
City: Divivity's Reach
Affiliation: Kryta, Old Ascalon

Brusque, bittersweet, hotblooded redhead. Tactical mindset led to her interest in engineering. Has a fascination with all inventors and inventions in Tyria, though has yet to meet the Iron Legion or the golemancers of the Asura. Is, in fact, the trueborn of House Tharnadai, hidden as a child to protect her identity,
[OOC: hadn't known Anet did a similar storyline for humans till 3 years after this storyline was set for her] yet still is trained by her House and used to fulfill missions for the Crown under the surname of a branch of the main House.
After doing so out of duty, she started running missions of respect and regard for the captain of the Seraph and the Queen.
She may change her mind once she sees how sappy the captain is towards the Queen, and keep the Queen in higher esteem for keeping her head around him, focusing on land rather than self.

Hasn't met any Sylvari, turning her gaze away instantly, thinking plant mechanics may have been taken too far, cringes at the sight of that Norn blaring his butchering of prices in the city, and is not even mildly interested in encountering the Charr or Asura at the moment.

It is possible that once she makes her way into the Black Citadel, she may end up camping with the Iron Legion. They would like her. As for the Asura, the only thing that may interest her is Golemancy.
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