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GW2: Papaya?? (possible new expansion info) Empty GW2: Papaya?? (possible new expansion info)

on Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:34 pm
Copied from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/53d21c/what_might_come_in_expansion_2/

Hey guys, so lately there's been some rumours of Expansion 2 Leaks going on, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

I'm not MysteriousE nor have I ever signed an NDA for anet, I'm just sharing what others have shared with me. I also think it's not right to delete this if the mods think about it, because other Leaks like the WvW or Fractal ones weren't, and technically we don't know if this is true.

If this gets removed by anyone except me than you can be damn sure it was Arenanet reacting to it and censoring this (which would confirm these).

Codename and Pricing, General stuff

Codename is Guild Wars 2: Papaya. They're looking at a low price point of 20$ or so, and want to push faster, but smaller expansions more focussed on content than features, with only one main feature (probably reaction to NCSoft's report).

Main feature: Mount-type mastery

Mounts will be used for different things, like group travel, combat or traveling dangerous terrain. it was in very early concept phase and they were asking for feedback on a raptor one. They aren't really going to be mounts in the traditional sense. More akin to something like gliding or bouncing mushrooms.

Raptor Concept:

Type 1 (Raptor) Ability: Speed and jump boost

Purpose: Crossing large gaps such as jumping across canyons

Theme: Quick, nimble

   Type 2 Ability: Multi-person

Purpose: Transportation and traversing large areas carrying from 1-4 extra people. We’ll be trying to make it so a 5 person mount is a thing(yup crazy) as we see a lot of benefit to carrying a whole party. Easier to travel as a group with friends between events, locations, etc and help promote more social interactions between players.

Theme: lumbering, Slow acceleration but high top end to travel

   Type 3 Ability: Double-jumping and gliding Purpose: Gliding over to heard to reach areas, double jumping to reach ledges or jumping around corners by changing direction second jump.

Theme: Probably a bit lower of a mount but has more freedom with jump and could use wings to push itself upward to theme the double jump allowing you to double jump and start gliding.

   Type 4 Ability: ‘Rocket jump’

Purpose: This wouldn’t actually be a rocket jump but is kind of a good way to describe it. Imagine holding a key to charge a jump then based upon how long you charge it you get launched further towards your current camera facing. This would allow you to do stuff like boosting yourself up to ledges.

Theme: Probably a creatures with bigger jumping capabilities to launch itself in your facing direction. A bit slower then say the raptor.

   Type 5 Ability: Hovering over water and slow fall

Purpose: To continuously move across water when you transition to it from land to get to areas out in the ocean quickly or to just run over water to cross to another land mass quickly. Slow fall would just be a more thematic thing you you fall it wouldn’t make sense to drop like a normal player with a mount that hovers.

Theme: Sliding, less friction.. probably could strafe, fairly high speed.

Elite Specs

   Warrior: "Spellbreaker" - Dagger/Dagger
   Mesmer: "Mirage" - Mainhand Axe
   Guardian: "Purifier" - Mainhand Axe
   Necro: "Scourge" - Torch + "Sand Shroud"
   Elementalist: Either Sword or Greatsword
   Ranger: Probably Dagger Mainhand
   Thief: Probably Rifle
   Revenant: No Info
   Engineer: No Info

Expansion setting and story

Nothing big on story. We fight Kralkatorrik and Primordus at the same time in the Crystal Desert and parts of Elona. Palawa Joko is a villain as well.

There are some Vabbi and Desolation maps that look cool. Amnoon Oasis as well. Talks of a "Torment" map, but probably got cancelled.

Rest of Elona will come with Season 4.

No Tengu.

Cut Content in general

Legendary Mace: Eureka.

It was like an obsidian/lava mace that left jagged obsidian 3D footprints and left a fire trail. When you sheathed it, it shattered. When you took it out it did this like molten 'glass blower' thing where it was lava then cooled off into obsidian.

The Storm Bow on the gemstore was the concept for the Legendary Bow.

TONS of unused PvP maps. God Collisseum (which got recycled and will come). And also Hall of Heroes type map.

No talks of a map east of Tangled Depths (RIP Malyck). Dragon's Stand had another phase that utilized the other areas, but it got cut like the Mouth phase because the fight took too long.

Raids and PvE

Legendary Armor isn't even close to being ready. The lead dev said it would be done after the next full raid at the earlist. They have a lot of trouble with the art, in the Alpha Client you looked naked when you previewed it. (Anyone remember the latest That_Shaman datamine where there was a skin where your character was naked?)

Next wing comes November at earliest. Probably single Wing raid. Fissure of Woe was a raid concept, but they said that the Original Guild Wars 1 devs were gone and they couldn't do it justice. [EG] got kicked for leaking WvW notes and the devs destroyed them on TS.

The next Fractal might be The Tower of Nightmares. Which explains the toxic atmosphere in the teaser pics.)

Hey everyone that comes in later, it's all true! Smile

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GW2: Papaya?? (possible new expansion info) Empty Re: GW2: Papaya?? (possible new expansion info)

on Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:56 pm
All I want true from this is Thief getting a rifle.
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