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Guild Hall spot claiming Empty Guild Hall spot claiming

on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:47 pm
Welcome Moonites!  Have you wanted to decorate in the Guild Hall?  Not sure what is out of bounds?  Feel free to speak to a Leader (V, Scott or Myself) to show a spot you wish to decorate in the guild hall. If they approve, you may take a screen shot, and post it here to claim your newfound home in our large Guild Hall!

To start, you might notice some may have more than one spot claimed, (Primarily the leaders) they are a group of Role Players who found a spot for a home to be for their toons.  Others of those spots are claimed additionally in Community based Role Play settings.  

So Leaders, if you have a spot, please post whether they are Personal or Community

The relevance here for members is, Personal lots are a nono to touch.  Community lots, may be less restrictive. Members of said "community lot" may decorate, WITH OWNERS APPROVAL

Important: With posting your screen shots, please include your account name in your post. This will help us keep track of what belongs to who.
That said, here are mine


Guild Hall spot claiming Person10

Guild Hall spot claiming Person12

Guild Hall spot claiming Person11


Guild Hall spot claiming Commun11

Guild Hall spot claiming Commun10

Guild Hall spot claiming Commun13

Guild Hall spot claiming Commun12
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Guild Hall spot claiming Empty Re: Guild Hall spot claiming

on Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:32 am
My house is across the bridge from the Monastery, my account is Boanoah.6719 [pretty sure] and my character is Bohnea Sootwick.~

The beautiful valleyside property in full.
Guild Hall spot claiming T5U0NGj

The tastefully done firecracker that authentic Canthan charm, really brightens up the place.
Guild Hall spot claiming WvC1vBM

Here you can see my pet Pocket Raptor, Sniffles, praying to his eldritch god, C'thun, may our lord and saviour be ever merciful.
Guild Hall spot claiming ROv2nJc

Better view of the entryway decorations, do note the glorified chicken is not in it's final resting position as of yet.
Guild Hall spot claiming ZNdFuM3

The bedroom, aka where all the lovely magic happens.
Guild Hall spot claiming Miiz6jp
Guild Hall spot claiming 9x68alI

And what private tour of your home is complete without a close-up cock pic? None that's what.~
Guild Hall spot claiming B68ZekI

Come on in for a visit anytime, soon I'll be installing a handy dandy keg for libations and I'll likely be moving my rooster somewhere more open. Could even be depositing him into a public area, if anyone knows where the cock would best fit feel free to move him, he's my gift to everyone.

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Guild Hall spot claiming Empty Re: Guild Hall spot claiming

on Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:34 pm
My house is in the southeast by the Cavern Mine Waypoint. The lower entrance to the Catacombs can be reached from the water. The upper entrance to the Terrace is just behind the mine and to the south. Adam's bar is in the loft upstairs. In case that isn't enough information, here is a map:
Guild Hall spot claiming Gw04810

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6411
Wayward Fiore returns to the terrace after a long journey

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6417
Mistwalker Fiore enjoys living on the edge

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6410
Rainy Fiore tends the fountain

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6412
Casual Fiore kicks back in the library

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6416
Fairy Fiore lights the fireplace

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6415
Priestess Fiore does a sword dance

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6420
Phantasmal Fiore ponders the fate of the restful(?) dead

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6418
Archer Fiore points out the festive lighting

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6419
Armored Fiore guards the entrance to the catacombs

Guild Hall spot claiming Gw2-6413
Priestess Fiore thanks you for visiting
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Guild Hall spot claiming Empty Re: Guild Hall spot claiming

on Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:48 pm
As we all know the Guild Hall recently changed and with it so has our properties, I'll be leaving my old home and pictures up as both a reference and just in case we return to the Precipice at a later time.

Anyways, my new home is just east of the Waterfall Plaza Waypoint on the bridge heading up into the waterfall, it's hard to miss.

First up we can see Sniffles checking out the new digs, he doesn't have his Eldritch Shrine (yet) but he is content with readily available booze and plentiful leg room, salvation through blood sacrifice will just have to wait.~
Guild Hall spot claiming Gw06910

This one is an alternative angle from upon the bed, here you can see down the long hallway all the way to the Griffon Fountain, it's a great location for it. I'll probably add a couple more pictures, namely of the study area I installed shortly after taking these screenshots and the Griffon Fountain as well as my plaza where parties can be hosted.
Guild Hall spot claiming Gw07010

Finally a close up of my bed, I decided to go for a kingsize instead of a single and I feel it really pulls the whole theme together, it's even adorned with a hidden firecracker in the center. That way if things ever get spooky at night she can just set off the miniature explosives and let the soothing bangs and crackles of fizzling gunpowder send her back to sleep. Plus is a boogeyman shows up what better way to get the upper hand than a surprise faceful of firecrackers? The answer is there is no better way.
Guild Hall spot claiming Gw07110

That's all for now, I hope you like it.~

I did previously claim a location at the docks but I had trouble decorating the area, so I relocated, I double checked to make sure the area was clear first as well, if anyone wants the manor by the docks feel free to take it.
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Guild Hall spot claiming Empty Re: Guild Hall spot claiming

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