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Bohnea Sootwick - Born of Ashes Empty Bohnea Sootwick - Born of Ashes

on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:57 pm
Name: Bohnea Sootwick

Alias: 'Boa'

Race: Charr
Profession: Elementalist
Job: Mercenary / Money Lender / Party Goer
Age: 27
Height: 6'7" (Hunched) - 8'10" (Full)
Weight: 247 lbs
Status: Single, looking, and sometimes exceedingly wealthy.

TL;DR: A childish, quirky, playful, and deeply troubled Charr.

Personality: Being a Charr has left her naturally jaded, however life as an Elementalist within the Legions was not too fun and even amongst her warband she was more or less ostracized. This coupled with a lack of parental influence more or less left the young cub deeply troubled, she wanted to be part of a group, a family, and yet such displays were frowned upon and considered shameful for a magic-oriented warrior such as herself. As a result many years were spent isolating herself, remaining aloft and detached even when she was desperately seeking companionship in the harsh barracks of the Black Citadel. These flaws have merely compounded with age, ultimately manifesting in an outer persona threaded with cocky confidence and flirtatious detachment whiler her inner self is far more weak, timid, and just as frightened as the day she gained her warband title. Yet despite this fractured mindframe she is still childish to a fault, both approaching life and love as a mere youth would, seriousness frightens her, reminding her of her insecurities and weaknesses so she avoids it when possible. As a result any and all relationships she enters or participates in will remain relatively shallow, she refuses to allow others past her shell and ultimately she ruins her own chances, regardless of how interested, accepting, or otherwise similar her companions may be.

History: Born to an Ash Legion Gladium and a disgraced Flame Legion Shaman she was quickly dumped into a newly formed warband for those without honored parentage within the Ash Legion, the so called Soot warband. As a child she was often disregarded and shunned by her peers, both for her parents and her magical inheritance from her worthless father, this was further worsened when reports came in that her mother passed away at the hands of her murderous father. Part of a strange ritual to try and bind the souls of the recently deceased to flaming effigies to produce obedient and intelligent foot soldiers from their defeated enemies, something greatly shamed upon in the honor bound ranks of the Legions. However the young cub desperately wanted to try and prove her worth, both to be looked upon favorably but also to try and gain acceptance from her fledgling 'family' within the warband. In this pursuit she concocted a ritual that would bind an elemental to a metallic rig, something to give form and solidity to the ephemeral embodiments of elemental magics that all Elementalists could summon. If the ritual worked she would be one step closer to making a name for herself, to show others that magic could be a very useful tool, that she and her powers weren't something to be scared or ashamed of.

Of course the ritual was an utter failure, instead of binding the elemental she somehow managed to force the manifestation within a relatively sealed metallic shell, in essence creating a burning hot humanoid grenade. The 'body' detonated roughly 5 minutes into her first test run, the shrapnel and flames badly scarred her face while also singeing and blackening long streaks of her fur with magical fire, the darkened pelt still remains to this day but the thicker stripes and bands have since thinned to mere pencil strokes upon her hide. She would've been killed if it weren't for her warband advisor pulling her small body from the flaming wreckage of the Soot barracks, the end of her tail still aflame as both cubs and adults mocked the young caster.

Thus she earned her warband title of Sootwick, much like in candles she is merely a host for flames and fated to be reduced to cinders, it is both a shameful name and yet one Bohnea carries with pride.

From there her life was relatively normal, she assimilated into her warband, hid her talents, and worked tirelessly to both excel in her classes and lessons while remaining as close to her bandmates as is necessary. Neither they nor her would ever truly accept the other but they worked well enough together and they all knew the rules, they had all seen what the life of a Gladium is like and none of them desired it. Still, when training was finished and they were all announced as adults they more or less drifted apart, coming together only when summoned as such for missions and retaining their distances when done. It was for the best regardless as Bohnea soon enough began to work with the Orders, enlisted into the Vigil to help combat the menace of the Elder Dragons, something which the Ash Legion was more than happy to oblige. In her new career she faced death, turmoil, hardship, success, and ultimately the formation and fall of the Pact forces when they defeated Zhaitan and then fell to Mordremoth above the Maguuma Jungle. It was here in the moist humid wastes that she found and then joined the mercenary guild known as 'Serenity Moon', a welcoming and understanding group of warriors from all facets of life ranging from a lowly beggar to a wealthy noble.

In this new group she quickly found her niche as one of the few Charr members and one of the only ones that came with a hefty amount of gold in her purse which she readily gave to both her commanding officers and peers. Whether this be because of her own depressingly low self-worth or her rabid need for acceptance and friendship is unknown even to herself, but she has never regretted a single coin that left her paws.

Even when she lost her left hand during a Mordrem attack on a small village she was tasked with protecting or when she lost her right foot when helping a group of refugees upon the shores of Ember Bay. She has since adjusted to her prosthetic limbs with ease, getting accustomed to holding a staff with a hooked hand was probably the single most challenging thing since the loss. And yet despite being technically crippled by the injuries she is still welcomed amongst the ranks of the Moon, something she will be eternally grateful for even if she'll never say it out loud herself.

Maybe one day she won't be alone anymore...

But only time will truly tell where her story ends, whether it be writhing within flame as her name foretold or whether it be as a hero to the Ash Legion remains to be seen, regardless she will never go quietly into the sweet embrace of oblivion.

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Will be rewritten at a later date, both for clarification and better details when the time comes.
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